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Bilingual Resources Group is a Nationwide Staffing and Language Services Provider.

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Bilingual Resources Group specializes in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. The benefits are easy to see, our on-site management approach provides a guarantee that our services will go according to plan. Bilingual Resources Group can handle all types and sizes of conferences and conventions. From 30 to 3,000, Bilingual Resources Group ..

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Bilingual Staffing

Bilingual Resources Group provides recruiting and staffing solutions for companies worldwide. We locate, match, and place bilingual staff, in your location, anywhere in the world

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translation services

Bilingual Resources Group specializes in translating a wide range of technical and non-technical subjects. Our wide network of global translators can offer you qualified translators in any subject matter, and in any language, to meet your requirements.
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interpretation services

The art of interpretation does not mean simply being able to converse in two languages. It’s a specialized skill-set, which requires in-depth education along with extensive training. We offer Consecutive and Simultaneous interpretations
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American Sign Language

translation interpretation services

You see it at every major event. Sign language interpreters. It is so common nowadays to see these interpreters at major events and state run affairs.
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