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Equipment and Technical Support
Planning your multicultural, high profile event can be a huge challenge. Until now, you had to call one location to find an interpreter, and another location to get the required headsets or audio-visual equipment required. BRG offers a comprehensive package, making it easy to meet all of your needs with one call: interpreter(s), equipment, and even technicians when necessary.

“Working with Bilingual Resources Group and utilizing their Interpreting services has helped my firm better serve my clients. I would highly recommend them to any attorney or law firm that has clients that speak many languages.”

Michael Bourquard

Simultaneous interpretation Services You Can Trust

From relatively small-scale meetings to conferences and exhibitions, it can often necessary for a group of people speaking different languages to communicate with each other. In these real time discussions, getting just one word wrong or out of place can change the entire meaning of an utterance, which can have serious implications for those involved.

What is Simultaneous Interpreting?

Simultaneous interpreting is the process of translating the spoken word into a different language, in real time. The process does not involve the original speaker, instead simultaneous translators sit in a soundproof booth and interpret in real-time, the audience then hears the translation live via headphones.

Simultaneous interpretation is called upon in a wide range of scenarios, including conferences, high level sales meetings, international seminars, government meetings, legal contexts, and trade shows, to name but a few.

Skilled and experienced simultaneous interpreters

Simultaneous interpreting can be challenging and incredibly fast-paced, and it demands highly skilled, experienced interpreters who can provide instant, accurate, and reliable translations. After all, their work is crucial to the success of the event – allowing effective, efficient, and accurate communication between all parties.

With this in mind, at Bilingual Resources Group, we select only the most qualified, competent, and experienced professional interpreters, who are not only familiar with the relevant language and dialect, but also with the subject matter being discussed.

We go to every length to provide a flawless, world-class serviced that will ensure your event or conference is a success.

If you require any further information about our simultaneous interpretation services, or if you would like a no-obligation estimate for your project, please do not hesitate to contact us. Simply give us a call on 1-1-800-276-4970 or send an email to and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. 

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