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Bilingual Solutions

Professional work: Our talented simultaneous interpreters usually work in pairs and use the best technology to provide precise interpretations and flawless services

Zero interruptions: We use high-tech equipment, for uninterrupted interpretations. Both listeners and speakers will feel as if they’re talking directly to one another.

Effectiveness: Our flawless services guarantee an efficient use of time. We install the equipment in advance and the simultaneous interpreters are prepared ahead of time, to provide an excellent service.

Multi-language interpretation: We can assist you if the meeting or event you’re in charge of requires interpretation from one source language to many target languages.


“Working with Bilingual Resources Group and utilizing their Interpreting services has helped my firm better serve my clients. I would highly recommend them to any attorney or law firm that has clients that speak many languages.”

Michael Bourquard

Types of Interpreting services

The art of interpretation does not mean simply being able to converse in two languages. It’s a specialized skill-set, which requires in-depth education along with extensive training. Bilingual Resources Group hires only qualified and experienced interpreters and guarantees their language skills. We offer Consecutive and Simultaneous interpretations. Our services are in demand at:

  • Conferences
  • Meetings
  • Special Events, and
  • Lectures

simultaneous interpreting

To discuss our services, or to receive a quote please contact us 1-888-708-5912. We’re happy to explain in detail the benefits we can offer you and your organization.Understanding How Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreters are Different

One of the most common types of interpretation is Consecutive interpretation. It most often applies in situations, where the person speaking is interpreted, after they have completed speaking. The guest then hears the interpretation and replies. Once finished, their words are then translated to the other person.

In this type of situation you may have a Chinese speaker saying something, who then pauses so the other person, an English speaker, can receive the interpretation. The English speaker then responds, and waits for their words to be translated to the Chinese speaker.

With Simultaneous interpretation, the person speaking a foreign language is interpreted to the audience while the person is speaking. The interpreter is normally in a soundproof booth, employing microphones and headphones, in order to listen and interpret to the audience at the same time. This type of interpretation is most often used when the setting is in front of a large audience or a conference.

If you are unsure of which interpretation method you’d like to use, contact us and we’ll help you to understand the different options available to you.

Make the call now and ensure to get your message across, in the language of your choice!

Looking to buy or rent equipment or services for simultaneous interpretation in your area? We provide cost-effective solutions nationwide including: Chicago , Atlanta , Houston , Washington DC, Orlando, New Orleans

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