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Bilingual Solutions

Professional work: Our talented simultaneous interpreters usually work in pairs and use the best technology to provide precise interpretations and flawless services

Zero interruptions: We use high-tech equipment, for uninterrupted interpretations. Both listeners and speakers will feel as if they’re talking directly to one another.

Effectiveness: Our flawless services guarantee an efficient use of time. We install the equipment in advance and the simultaneous interpreters are prepared ahead of time, to provide an excellent service.

Multi-language interpretation: We can assist you if the meeting or event you’re in charge of requires interpretation from one source language to many target languages.


“Bilingual Resources Group is a top-notch company that provides professional service for any of your language needs. They worked with my company to provide a course to teach key Spanish construction phrases to English speakers. This course enabled our construction member companies to increase communication and safety on their job sites and begin to bridge the language gap that has widened due to the rise in Hispanic construction workers in our area.”

Claire Nettles
Director of Workforce Development, Associated Builders & Contractors New Orleans/Bayou Chapter

Experience Advanced language Training

Workplace Language Training

We come to you. You choose the time and location. Communication between employees is an essential part of efficient and productive operations. In our Workplace Language courses we aim to bridge the communication gap between management and staff. Communication encourages understanding between all segments of the company.

language interpretation services

Courses are typically offered twice a week for six weeks.

Courses Offered

Workplace Spanish:

Managers/supervisors are able to learn common Spanish phrases, and custom phrases that we can add to the curriculum to suit your workforce, so that they can communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking employees.

Workplace English:

Limited English speaking employees are able to learn common English phrases and workplace-specific phrases to allow them to communicate with customers and co-workers more efficiently.

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